What Must Be Included in Your Apartment Lease?

Apartment Lease?

If you have a comprehensive apartment lease, it allows you to have all the basic rules that would be necessary for tenants to follow during their stay at your apartments for rent. So, it’s really important that everything important should be made the part of this document. Here are some points that must be included in your apartment lease.

At the start of the lease, you must mention the address of your Charlotte apartments that you are renting out. Full address must be mentioned, and you must include any nearby landmarks, your city, the name of the state and country, as well as postal code. Your full name, as property landlord, must also be mentioned along with your address and contact details.

Don’t forget to include names of the people that will be occupying the apartment, list every single individual. If the family of the tenant has some minors, such as children below 18 years age, make sure that their names are also added in a section of “Tenant’s Children”.

Your apartment’s rent is the most important thing and should be mentioned, as agreed with your tenants, in your apartment lease. The document must clearly point out the due date for payment of the rent every month. You can also mention if any fine has to be imposed in case of late rental payment.

The amount of security deposit for your Charlotte rental apartments, which either has been paid by the renter or he has agreed on paying, must also be clearly specified in your lease document. Any maintenance charges that you have deducted should also be included in this document depending on your terms & conditions. Furthermore, if there are any other responsibilities on the tenant in financial terms, such as water bill or electricity bill, specify them here!

A section in your lease agreement must clearly renounce practicing any illegal activities inside the property. Clearly mention that if the tenant violates this term, you will have every right to take due legal action.

Also mention the notice period in your lease. This is the period before which the tenant will have to inform you in case if they have decided to vacate your property. There must also be some notice period regarding tenants failing to pay rent on the agreed date, and you must also specify your action that you will be free to take in response.

The lease must contain a section that describes maintenance responsibilities that the tenants will have to take, such as regular cleaning, maintaining normal residential hygiene, and garbage disposal.

The lease should also be signed by both, the tenant and the landlord with date specifying the contract’s commencement. There can also be a provision of overseeing and attesting this deal by a couple of witnesses. All these precautionary steps will help you avoid conflicts with your tenant when renting apartments in Charlotte NC.

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